Through the efforts of each hotel this festival is about reaching out to the entire community here in Bali which has been so badly effected by this pandemic.

This festival allows participating members to showcase the innovative work they have been putting in during these times to shift to a more sustainable way of operating.

While programs such as single use plastic reduction are already well established, participating member hotels are preparing both a two-course lunch menus which are well priced.  To be featured, menus must adhere to the following key sustainability criteria  

  • Ingredients used must be 100% sourced from Indonesia
  • Encourage a minimum of 75% organically grown items
    Respect fair trade principles, i.e. fully female run enterprises
  • All seafood produces to be certified sustainable and poultry to be free range

The festival also aims at reducing waste output to as close to zero as possible, by encouraging waste reduction activities such as composting and waste separation to facilitate recycling. These initiatives are intended to set a benchmark for the future, by being implemented across all operational areas beyond the festival period. 

Lunch & Dinner Dining Options
Two and Three Courses available 
Dining Prices start from Rp200.000 for lunch up to Rp350.000 for dinner. 
Dine in and Take Out options are available at some venues.

Click here to view more information as well as menus from particpating restaurants. 


All venues are CHSE certified and staff are fully vaccinated 

Health and safety measures under CHSE protocols 

Contact Tracing in place under PeduliLindungi


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