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PCR Tests

Published 12 Jul 2021 Updated 03 Nov 2021 Views 2956 Entry & Exit Requirements
PCR Tests
Applies to International Travellers Domestic Travellers

Maximum rate that can be charged by health facilities in Bali and Java carrying out PCR Test for public is IDR 275.000 and outsid Bali and Java IDR 300.000. 
Based on the ADDENDUM COVID-19 Circular Letter number 21 year 2021 and effective 27 October 2021. 

To see the list of approved labs for Bali click on the link provided belowand  type Bali in the search. 

Alternatively check with your hotel accomodation provider. 

The eHAC feature is integrated in the PeduliLindungi application. 

PCR test results will be sent to the PeduliLindungi application
More information about the PeduliLingundi Application available here

In accordance with the Decree of the Head of the Covid-19 Handling Task Force there will be a need to have a PCR test up to 4 times. 

  1. ​72 hours before departure;
  2. Upon arrival in the Republic of Indonesia 
  3. On specified day based on quarantine period after arrival/isolation at the accommodation in Indonesia
  4. When leaving Bali according to the rules and regulation of intended destination both within Indonesia and internationally 

After either 3 or 5 days of quarantine from the date of arrival for Indonesian citizens and foreigners are re-examined RT-PCR. If the RT-PCR result is negative, then after 3 or 5 days of quarantine, Indonesian citizens and foreigners are declared for completed quarantine.


Costs of PCR test may vary slightly. 


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