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Community activity restrictions moves down to Level 3 and will be reviewed again 20 September 2021

The level of restrictions on the island and elsewhere in Indonesia will be evaluated on a weekly basis.

Updates from the revelvant Governement Ministries will be updated here as soon as they are available. 

1. Public in Bali should follow the restriction stated in the Circular Letter by Governor of Bali 
2. Any industries and offices that are allowed to be operated MUST Implement strict health protocols 

Essential Businesses

Alll esssential businesses should implement the test and trace application Peduli Lingungi starting 7th September 2021. For anyone entering or leaving the premises including employees and visitors.

Banks, insurance offices, pawnshops, pension fund offices, financial institutions – which operate for public services

  • Work from Office (WFO) 50% for staff who are handling public services  
  • Work from Office (WFO) 25% for administration staff who are assisting the operational for public service  

Stock market – which operates for public services and assisting the operational to run well

IT and Telecommunication services – such as cellular operator, data centres, internet providers, post offices, media offices that assisting to share information to public

Hotel non quarantine

  • All above Work from Office ( WFO) 50% 

Export Companies
Must show their proof of export notification document (Pemberitahuan Export Barang) in the last 12 months or other related documents that show there will be export transaction plan is happening as well MUST have Industrial and Mobility Activity Permit (Ijin Operational dan Mobilitas Kegiatan Industri)

  • WFO 50% for production staff each shift
  • WFO 10% for administration to support the production

Health, Security & Safety Services 

  • Health providers
    • May operate 100%  
  • Security & Safety providers for public
    • May operate 100% 
  • Disaster management  

Energy, Transport, Logistics, Utilities 

  • Energy providers
  • Logistic, transportation and essential public needs distribution
  • Food and beverages and any related supports providers, including Food and beverages providers for animals
  • Fertilizer and petrochemical
  • Cement and building materials
  • National Object Vitals
  • National Strategic Projects
  • Public infrastructure constructions
  • Basic utilities (water, electricity, waste management

May operate 100% only for staff that are working on productivity, construction and services to public   

25% WFO for administration staff supporting the operational

Non Essential Services

 All non essential offices/industries must close and implement Work from Home 

Dining & Bars

Warungs/Roadside stalls located outdoors 
Restaurants/cafes located indoor and or outdoors whether located independently or inside malls or supermarkets

  • Dine-in allowed
    •  maximum of 25% of total capacity with a maximum dine-in time of 30 minutes
  • Open until 9pm 


There has been an update starting 8th September 2021. 

Malls across Bali have reopened to the public starting 8th September in a “health protocol trial run".  

The government will require the use of the PeduliLindungi application in malls, supermarkets and hypermarkets in Bali. 

The malls in Bali are allowed to operate at 50 percent capacity from 10am to 9pm, while implementing strict health protocols. This includes downloading the test and trace app Peduli Lindungi, which is used to scan visitors before entering the venie and help determine whether they meet the requirements to be granted entry, such as having received at least one dose of the COVID-19 vaccine. 

Please note pregnant women, children under the age of 12 years old and elders above the age of 70 years old are prohibited to enter

Supermarkets, traditional markets, grocery stores, and supermarkets selling daily needs are limited to operating hours until 9pm with a capacity of visitors 50% 

Pharmacies and drug stores can be open for 24 hours.  

Traditional Markets/stores/supermarkets sell non-daily essential needs may open until 4pm with only 50% of total visitor capacity  

Small shops, cell phone voucher shops, barbershop, laundry, hawkers (pedagang asongan), small vehicle repair shops, car wash, and other related industries may open until 9pm  


Public and Sports Facilities & Activities

Public facilities (public areas, public parks, public beacges public tourist attractions, and other public areas or venues) are open at 50% of total visitor capacity and must use the test and trace application Peduli Lindungi

Arts, culture, sports and social activities (art, cultural locations, sports facilities and social activities are open at 50% of total visitor capacity and must use the test and trace application Peduli Lindungi

All public religion worship places (Mosques, Churches, Temples, Viharas, Pagodas, and other venues that are dedicated as public religion worship places. Limited worshippers and approval from COVID-19 taskforce. 

Keep wearing masks correctly and consistently when carrying out activities outside the home, and it is not permitted to use a face shield without wearing a mask.

Mask wearing is still mandatory.


Travelling by Air or Land to Bali

More information available here


Please ensure you adhere to all the Government set restrictions and carry the correct paperwork in case you are stopped on the road. 


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