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Bali is still not open to International Tourist Arrivals

These travel restrictions are subject to change in response to the circumstances surrounding COVID-19.

International Travellers
into Jakarta 

  • Valid e-VISA for entry into Indonesia 
  • Negative PCR test max 3 x 24 hours prior to both entry and exit
  • Quarantine 8 x 24 hours in a designated hotel (Jakarta list here)
  • Completed eHAC

Domestic Travellers
into Bali

The following travel document requirements during the Community Activity Restrictions (PPKM) which takes until further notice. 

Foreign (WNA) travellers
Who have just finished their 8 day quarantine and fly out on the same day that quarantine is finished can check in using their release letter, negative PCR test and completed eHAC. 

  • Negative PCR 2 x 24 hours prior to departure
    • Test result must have a BarCode/QRCode
  • Proof of vaccination ( minimum one shot)
    • Or Medical Health Exemption Letter
  • Completed eHAC
  • Passengers under the age of 12 are temporarily prohibited from boarding a plane

Besides the above requirements, upon arrival at the destination airport, passengers may have to go through additional health checks or to fill other forms/statement letters required by local authorities/local government. 

Passengers are expected to prepare a copy and original of the documents prior to arrival at the departure airport and present it upon check-in.

The following travel document requirements apply to Indonesian citizens (WNI) during the emergency public activity restrictions (PPKM Darurat) which takes effect from 26 July 2021 until further notice

  • Fully Vaccinated Passengers Travelling by air 

    • Negative Rapid Antigen 1 x 24hrs prior to departure

    • Proof of vaccination 

      • or Medical Letter of Exemption 

  • One Dose Vaccinated Passengers Travelling by air 

    • Negative PCR 2 x 24hrs prior to departure 

      • Test result must have a BarCode/QRCode

      • Test must be from Approved Government Lab  

      • Proof of vaccination 

        • or Medical Letter of Exemption 

  • or Negative 1 x 24hrs antigen for traveling overland / ferry

    • Proof of vaccination ( minimum one shot)

      • ​or Medical Letter of Exemption 

  • Completed eHAC applies 


1. Any travellers who are above 12 years old and unable to receive the COVID-19 vaccinations must have medical statement from specialist doctor at the hospital 

2. Children with the age of bellow 12 years old are temporary prohibited to travel. 

Visit here for the detailed requirements to enter Indonesia for both Indonesian and Foreign Citizens.

Currently Bali (DPS) is not open to international flights, however domestic travel is permitted so long as the above requirements are met. 

Each Indonesian province has different rules and regulations related to travel health protocols which are issued by the respective Governor. 

  • Contact your travel provider for up-to-date details on implementation of these requirements.
  • Follow the advice of the local authorities and monitor media for the latest updates.


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