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Community Activity Restrictions PPKM Levels

PPKM Levels 1-4 restrictions on community activities explained by each Level. Bali is currently under Level 3

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Hospitals in Bali

You never know what happens when travelling anywhere, should you have a need for medical attention while in Bali you can visit one of these hospitals. Please check also with the place you are staying for any medical contacts.

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CHSE certification travel with confidence during COVID-19

CHSE certification is for cleanliness, health, safety, and environmental sustainability issued by the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy.

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COVID Numbers in Bali

The numbers continue to drop gradually in Bali, as of September 13 there were 152 new cases. We will report these numbers on a weekly basis.

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Travelling to Bali - Requirements

Travel restrictions and document requirements are for travel to Bali.

Applies to International Travellers Domestic Travellers

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